Tempo is accepting proposals for volumes in its series.

Before submitting an inquiry or proposal, please learn more about the series by reading these pages: Titles, About the Series, and General Guidelines.

When you are ready to submit your proposal, take care to follow the directions below and submit all of the requested material.

Download the guidelines here.

Your proposal should contain:

1. A brief letter introducing yourself and your proposed musician, band, genre, or sub-genre. In your letter, briefly explain why your subject is a good candidate for the Tempo series and what your central argument will be for your artist’s cultural significance and influence. Part of your rationale might be citing significant evidence of popular and/or critical success, such as Billboard chart rankings, awards, inductions, or accomplishments measured by similar standards.

2. An annotated table of contents. The annotated TOC should be a proposed outline for your book which indicates working chapter titles and a robust description of each chapter. It should clearly indicate how you will present your study from a culturalist’s perspective. Directions for developing an annotated TOC for Tempo are in Part II of the general guidelines..

3. Your current vita or resume.

4. A writing sample that shows your experience writing for a general audience about the cultural relevance of a topic. It could be a published review, an essay, an academic paper, or a substantial blog entry. It does not have to be about music or the artist you are proposing. If you have only academic writing for your sample, submit an example that best shows your potential to communicate to a general reader. Do not submit links to online writing; instead, save your writing in a Word doc. or as a PDF and submit as attached files.

5. A sample song analysis. Pick one song by the artist you’re proposing a book about and write about 500 words demonstrating how you’d analyze the song in its cultural context or for its cultural relevance.

6. Submit all proposal materials electronically to the series editor at