Welcome to TEMPO, a book series on rock, pop, and culture.

TempoEightBooks2013-15Published by Rowman & Littlefield

While great music is timeless, it is also of its time, for its time, and because of its times. Tempo follows this understanding into the areas of rock and popular music and takes a culturalist’s perspective for examining the exchange, interplay, and conversation between music and its times. Drawing from the fields of cultural studies, sociology, media studies, performance/theater studies, music history, and literary studies, Tempo books study an artist, genre, or sub-genre of rock or popular music as emerging in a cultural context and as developing in response to the surrounding forces of the times.

Written for college-level audiences and general readers, Tempo books present clear and engaging studies that assess musical and historical influences on artists and genres, as well as the influence the artist or genre had on musical and social contexts. Each volume features a dual timeline of the artist’s life and major historical and cultural events during the artist’s career, along with For Further Reading and Listening lists.

The Series Editor for Tempo is Scott Calhoun, Professor of English at Cedarville University.RLPGMotto